Unit 6: America Becomes a World Power
Frameworks for America's Past

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  Teacher / Student Key: pages 75 - 84

Maps - America Grows Overseas

Map for review and self-quiz

History in a Political Cartoon:
America's New Hat

Historical photo sets
1.  The Spanish-American War  

2.  Was it imperialism or good judgment?

3.  Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal

4.  Theodore Roosevelt's Foreign Policy

Theodore Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear
History food feature
Tin can history  (Canned beef was a common food for soldiers during the Spanish American war.  Use this timeline to learn how the tin can became part of the history of food.)
YouTube videos
and Internet sites

Students: Check with your parents for permission before visiting Internet links.
The Panama Canal - How It Works  (This very short video shows ships entering and crossing the famous canal.)

Google Maps  (Click on "satellite view" and zoom in to the country of Panama.  Continue zooming in to see the Panama Canal.  The view is detailed enough to see the canal and locks.)

Web Cams - Panama Canal  (Click on the links to see live web cam images of the canal and locks, updated every thirty seconds or so.  Also, see the animations here that explain how the canal locks work.)

Music:  National Emblem  (a video of a famous American military march tune, written in 1902.  The music captures the confidence and optimism of America as our country was growing into a world power at the turn of the century.)

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