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   To help Civics teachers everywhere in their vital work, we have posted below PowerPoint presentations on several key topics.  Teachers and students are welcome to download and use them, free of charge, for noncommercial, educational use.  We ask that:
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Use with Section CE 2 - Fundamental Principles and Documents:

  The First Democracies  2 MB 

  The Magna Carta: A foundation for liberty  5 MB 

  Jamestown and the Charters of the Virginia Company of London  6 MB 

George Mason and the Virginia Declaration of Rights  5 MB

  The Declaration of Independence 
8 MB

  The Articles of Confederation

  The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom 
4 MB 

  The U.S. Constitution: An introduction 
10 MB 

  Founding Documents - Quick Review 
5 MB 

Use with Section CE 6 - American Constitutional

  The U.S. Constitution: An introduction  10 MB 

  The President's Job Description  4 MB 

Making Laws: The Role of the Executive Branch 
4 MB  

Use with Section CE 11 - Economic Decisions
and the Marketplace

  How are prices determined? 
531 KB

Patrick Henry reminds you: Pass it on!

   How beautiful it is to see the foundation of liberty that we laid all those years ago is still standing strong! 
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  • You leave the copyright and source information visible.
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