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With a classroom LCD projector

These pages are designed for the most common LCD projector resolution, 1024 x 768 pixels.  At that setting the pages, text, photos, and images will be the right size. 
   Most laptop and desktop computer screens have a higher native resolution.  You should reset the resolution to match the projector setting of 1024 x 768.

   Some laptops have video cards that allow one setting for the laptop screen, and a different setting for the LCD projector.  It is often best, however, to put both settings to the same resolution.

   While hooked to the projector, go to your to computer control panel.  Find the page where you can adjust the screen resolution.  Find the setting that shows 1024 x 768.   Pick that.  If you have everything set up right, the photo below should fill the classroom screen almost edge to edge and top to bottom.

   This site will look best with the Firefox browser.
On laptop and desktop screens

   If you are viewing this site on a computer screen, without a projector attached, you will still find it looks best if you reset your screen resolution. 

   Go to the control panel on your computer, and find the display resolution setting adjustment.  For a regular type monitor, look for the 1024 x 768 pixels choice.  For a wide screen monitor, look for 1360 x 768 or a choice very close to that.

   If you have everything set right, the photo below should fill the screen in your browser top to bottom, and not appear stretched out or distorted.   

   Some computers also have a "zoom in / zoom out" function (try Ctrl + and Ctrl - ) that you can use instead of resetting the resolution.  On some computers, however, the zoom only affects the text size, but not the graphic material and photos.

   This site will look best with the Firefox browser.

The photo shows a teenage girl in a textile factory in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1916.
The photo is from the Library of Congress collection.